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  • 2020 02 12

Is it worth buying followers for Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

We read many opinions on different blogs about buying fans or followers for social networks. Most of these opinions are negative and are based on the evidence of the deception and the scam that the acquisition of false followers supposes and on the null contribution that these packs of followers are going to offer to our social network in question. Well, we want to contribute another point of view on this matter based on our experience and the results obtained.

Fan Buying Pages Are They A Scam?

No, the fan purchase pages for Facebook, Instagram work and fulfill what was promised!. Logically we can not give a reference on all the existing websites for the purchase of fans, but we can give all of the ones that we have a reference or that we have proven as fame, buy-followers, buy-fans, creapublicidadonline,  etc.

Once the purchase has been made and payment has been made, fans take between 24 and 48 hours to arrive. If this does not happen we can contact the supplier company and they usually solve it in a few hours.

How are the followers we buy?

When we buy a pack of fans for our social network we can generally choose the origin. For example we can decide to buy fans from “anywhere” or only Latinos. The difference is that Latino fans tend to be more expensive but their appearance is more real. For example, if we buy a pack of cheap fans (from anywhere), we will probably meet many followers whose names are written in Arabic or Russian and their profile photos are, for example, Turkish flags. Something that doesn’t make much sense if our business is local.

If we buy Latin fans, the names of our followers will be much more familiar, they will be Pepitos Pérez and Marías Garcías with more normal photos, yes, we do not expect anything from them!  The fans we have purchased will not interact with our publications, nor will they buy anything in our business. Our new followers are mere figures making a bulge on our Facebook or Instagram.

If we want “likes”, “likes” or even comments, we can buy other packages that include interactivity in the publications.

On the other hand, the fans we buy do not abandon us, they are faithful marble statues. It is possible that, over time, we will see one disappear, but they will not leave a flock, they will remain in our networks for many, many, years.

Is Facebook going to penalize me for buying fans? Is Instagram going to penalize me?

Well, as far as we know and have been able to experiment: there is NO penalty. At least, making a sensible purchase of 500 or 1000 fans for our social network, neither Facebook nor Instagram are going to flinch. If there were such penalties, the zillion fan buying pages that exist could not survive.

It is possible that buying 500 thousand fans, Facebook will notice that something is happening on your page but, what has been said, acquiring a pack with a reasonable number of fans, the bots of the social networks are going to take you for a bloody community manager and They will even send you their  congratulations in plan: Many congratulations, you already have 1000 fans, we are going to celebrate by doing a Facebook Ads campaign!

If we want to see a very interesting sociological experiment on the purchase of followers, we can see this video, made by an advertising agency, where they explain how a brand image can be built, or in this specific case: an influencer, in a short period of time and for very little money. Very interesting.

Reasons to buy fans for our social network

Practical example of buying fans

There is only one reason why it is worth buying a pack of followers for our social network: Having hardly any followers and needing to give a more consistent brand image. The classic reason for acquiring fans is the recent opening of our network or the revitalization of a dying social network.

Let’s take an example: The Deluxe restaurant has been operating for a few years but it has not been modernized yet. Now he has decided to remodel his old-fashioned website and open his Facebook and Instagram channels. He wants to carry out a marketing campaign to enhance his image online and get clients from the Internet. We opened Facebook and Instagram channels to run Deluxe, but after getting all the owners’ family and friends to follow us, we have barely managed to reach 50 fans. It is a very “poor” image for future visitors to social networks who may wonder why a restaurant that has been operating for 15 years has only 50 followers.

The Deluxe restaurant is a perfect candidate for a distorted profile. We are going to ask the almost 50 real friends to please give me a like, talk a little about our publications and, if possible, share. We will publish our own quality content on social networks, a minimum of twice a week for a month. And, once all this is done to give the theme a little background, we are going to buy a reasonable number of Spanish or Latino fans, let’s say 500, so that the thing takes the appearance of a live and interesting social network.

Once this is done, we will no longer falsify anything else. From this moment on, we will work the social network in an organic way, generating our own, interesting and quality content and we will carry out a geolocated and sectorized Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads campaign by interests related to our sector, to get real (real) fans who When you enter our network, imagine that you are in an important place and that what we offer is worth being followed by many people.

Why are so many blogs criticizing the purchase of fans?

Well, it is criticized because it is unethical. It is a black hat seo of management. And it also gives a lot of anger to others, when a community manager spends months working on it, striving to grow the number of fans of a social network, publishing great content and spending grassland in Ads and barely manages to rise from the 200 fans and another arrives and pam ! 500 blow fans! Of course, I am dying of rage and write an article giving birth to this fraudulent, deceitful and demonic technique. So buying fans is to be a crappy and a swindler.

But, guys, I have fresh news: the Internet is not a rainbow paradise, it is rather an inhospitable place inhabited by sharks and krakens, it is a place where you  either eat or they eat you… And you have to be upstairs at the expense of whatever  (without hurting anyone, of course) as a sign, a button.

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