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  • 2020 01 15

The likes on Instagram, or double famous tap or hearts, whichever you prefer to call it, have been the driving force and the rationale for a lot users to publish great content on this social network, and for many to become influencers.

This is one of the social networks that has had a sustained growth for a few years but, especially in 2019, it has become the social platform with the most commitment to have approximately one billion users connected per month, according to statistics from the same Zuckerberg’s company.

We know how Instagram works, and it is more than a social network, it has become an essential tool for brands that want to gain notoriety among their audience and have a good online presence.

Its huge number of active users and the fact that it is the favorite of Generation Z, according to IAB, has inspired companies and entrepreneurs to generate quality content.

To do this, they use content marketing strategies that ensure they give audiences useful information to win their hearts.

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And their hearts are translated into the desired likes, which with the change of the algorithm of this image social network have become even more important than before.

In fact, the posts are no longer seen in the chronological order in which they were seen before the algorithm change, but rather those posts that get more interaction in less time are considered more engaged and, therefore, will win first place in the feed.

Participation rates increase if your Instagram accounts get more “hearts”, so these little hearts are actually very useful for the goals of your Internet business.

What are likes on Instagram?

The likes on Instagram are the new “like” on Facebook.

In a way, they are more attractive, especially for the younger ones, because they are presented with a heart-shaped icon under each post and because they have the possibility of “double-tapping” the image so that the like appears automatically.

After Facebook, this is the second social network where the most photos and videos are shared in the world.

The equation is simple, more likes = more credibility for your brand, although there are accounts that are dedicated to the purchase of these hearts.

The truth is that users, seeing that many others have “liked” your publications, somehow understand that you are an account committed to the audience in favor of publishing quality photos, perhaps accompanied by useful information.

That is why, many brands go out of their way for likes and invest in advertising here to get them (as well as more followers).

Regarding this, eMarketer has made a study in which it estimates that the advertising revenue of this social network will increase to an amount of 10.87 billion dollars for the current year.

This increase is exactly 37.7% since 2017.

The majority of users on this social platform are between 18 and 29 years old according to the aforementioned study by eMarketer.

This huge community should not be wasted, because factors such as the algorithm give enough importance to likes on Instagram to say that they go beyond being just hearts.

Why is it not profitable for companies to buy likes?

Buying “hearts” is as easy as contacting a seller and boom !, your last publication has more than 5,000 or the ones you have required.

Too good to be true, right?

Not all brands have resorted to this strategy and it has been a smart decision, since buying likes on Instagram is not profitable at all.

As I have already mentioned, IG has become a real business opportunity for many companies with its quality advertising (good segmentation), so the temptation to buy to compete with brands that offer the same products and services has turned out to be a huge temptation.

The big NO to this practice is found in the fact that artificially “inflating” your “like” number, instead of bringing you benefits, can affect your engagement with your audience.

Consequently, you can lose time and money, in addition to damaging the reputation of your business on the platform and throughout the online world.

Buying likes on Instagram can be a real self-sabotage, because the robots on this platform may notice that they are fictitious.

If, for example, your brand is makeup and you use the hashtag #naturalmakeup and your post enters to compete among others who have the same hashtag, you could even be part of the publications that are in “Explore”, which are found in the icon of the magnifying glass of the social network.

Despite the above, when noticing the bots that your “likes” are not part of this niche, your popularity could go down.

Also, users are not stupid.

They might realize that you buy because you don’t have enough feedback from real followers to support that your posts are of real quality.

And although having a huge number in your posts can make you think that real users will be tempted to join and follow your account, this could have negative consequences for future organic campaigns, and even paid campaigns, for different reasons:

Instagram will penalize you

If the social network realizes that you have resorted to the purchase, it will delete your publications automatically, and if you continue to do so, they could even prohibit your account and block your username.

If the latter happens, you will not be allowed to create another account about your brand.

In even more serious cases, it could restrict your IP address so that you cannot even enter the platform.

Fake Likes Don’t Mean More Sales

People will not buy more of your products or acquire more of your services because you have more “likes”, since paid engagement does not translate into real business.

The big difference is that your real followers, those who can give you real votes, are the ones who can also make a purchase in your ecommerce, instead, the bots you have paid will not be able to do so.

Instagram machine learning

In 2018, it was given the task of eliminating not only “likes”, but also followers and comments of users who were not authentic by accounts that were dedicated to the use of applications outside this social network to increase popularity.

By using artificial intelligence tools that other Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have used in previous years to eliminate false accounts, Instagram can control false interactions in order to keep intact the trust of users in the brands that are there.

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