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  • 2020 10 02

An Instagram account is your business card, portfolio, and just a way to meet a lot of interesting personalities. Regardless of the purpose of creating a profile, you need to take the selection of a nickname seriously. Surely, when registering, you were tormented more than once by the thought – how to write yourself on Instagram in order to compare favorably with a million similar accounts on the Web. This article has an answer to this sacramental question and many more ideas for preservation and active use in blogging life.

As you name the yacht, so it will float. It’s hard to argue with the veracity of this expression. How often have you come across examples of bad naming in business? And how often has a new establishment, new product, or product been ignored simply because of a bad name? In fact, coming up with a nickname is a kind of naming, because it is the nickname that will determine your positioning on the social network.

nickname for Instagram

Your nickname should have its own flavor that rivets the attention of users.

nickname for Instagram

Ideally, the zest provokes curiosity and a dumb question – why this nickname? What does he mean?

When choosing a nickname, it is important to feel the relevance and understand for what purpose you are creating the perfect account – only then the success of the naming is guaranteed.

How to come up with a nickname on Instagram

To come up with an original nickname for Instagram, you do not need to be an experienced creative. It is enough to listen to our advice and choose the name that is close to you. Well, get ready to write it down and put it into practice.

Unusual last name, first name, or patronymic

If you are fortunate enough to become the proud owner of a funny surname, a complicated middle name, or a non-trivial name, use them for your own good. Naturally, you can play with already existing data or add numbers to them, but do not forget to write everything in Latin.


nickname for Instagram

Ethnicity can be another reason for pride and creativity in social media. The main task of creating an effective and memorable nickname is to distinguish you from others. It must have a feature, and one that does not change too quickly, such as age. So why not choose your nationality?


A simple determining factor, but at the same time, it will help to identify your geolocation and attract the audience that might be interested in the blog. This rule also applies to owners of business accounts. Do you have a restaurant in the center of Kyiv or Moscow? Add these sheets to your name and boost your popularity.


nickname for Instagram

Almost every person has hobbies and hobbies. Indicate directly in your nickname the type of activity that brings you pleasure and look for like-minded people among Instagram users.

By the way, you can combine a nickname with a name to get the perfect tandem. For example, Nastia_travel, Vlad_Serf, Ania_Cooking.


nickname for Instagram

You can write about your character traits not only in the profiles of dating sites but also in your nickname. Harmful, kind, funny, humorist, comedian, sociopath, extrovert – which of these behaviors are closest to you? Determine and write this information in your nickname.

Skills and abilities

nickname for Instagram

Do you knit trendy sweaters of any complexity? Do you know how to make pasta fantastic? Masterfully write texts “on the table” or to order? Or maybe your superpower is the ability to raise a prodigy? Do not hesitate and feel free to register your talents in a nickname – this will help to attract the target audience.

Features of appearance

nickname for Instagram

Every person is unique. It is worth remembering and using it for your own good. Surely you have a trait that distinguishes you from others. Expressive eyes, a dimple on the chin, a slender figure or an ultra-thin waist, curvaceous shapes – are they worthy of being written about right there?

Other reasons to be proud

It’s up to you to decide what talent, feature, aspect of your life should be highlighted in the profile name. But remember the power of context and the relevance of a signature so that it doesn’t feel at least awkward afterward.

Online services for nickname selection

We also have a solution for those who do not want to bother wasting their time, nerves and imagination on decent naming. Take advantage of the many online services that can generate your perfect nickname.

Here is one of them – Spinxo. By answering a couple of clarifying questions, indicating your occupation, hobby and other features, you will receive 30 generated names, from which you can choose the most suitable one. Moreover, the service will analyze whether there is a similar name on other resources like YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Reddit. This way you will avoid duplication and will definitely be unique.

More ideas and examples for nicknames

Nickname in theist can be a direct indicator of your personality and display of character. It doesn’t have to be tied to your first and last name, you can create a truly unique name by connecting your imagination and using a couple of our tips:

  • a character from a movie, book, TV series, theatrical production. Are you accustomed to associating yourself with one of your favorite characters from a novel, a sensational comic book, or a Hollywood blockbuster? You can use their names for your own purposes. But do not use the real names of the stars in order not to get banned from the social network;
  • association with you and your personality. Think of The Avengers, which recently grossed millions of dollars at the box office. There, the best archer was called “Hawkeye”, extolling his accuracy, accuracy, and talent. Think about your distinctive character traits, appearance, or lifestyle and then, continuing the associative array, come up with a nickname;
  • creative pseudonym. Instagram gives you the freedom to feel like an eminent singer or artist because you can choose a bright creative pseudonym that you could only dream of;
  • letters or/and numbers. Don’t be afraid to use a set of letters in Latin or Cyrillic in combination with numbers that mean something to you;
  • Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors. Remember the main feature of the looking glass? They’re all names are read and written backward. And, most likely, a similar method can be used to create a nickname;
  • word + name. Feel free to combine words, characteristics, or aphorisms with your name and get the perfect nickname;
  • in other words. It’s also a good idea to think of a verbal noun for her name in another (better English) language. Such nicknames are well indexed and attract much more attention from followers;
  • anagram. You can even play fun with your own first or last name if you try to swap the letters. Sometimes words are transformed beyond recognition: orphan – artist, orange – spaniel;
  • level up. You can also use the methods of advanced users of the Instagram network and carefully study the abbreviations in English. So, the word for has been successfully replaced by 4, and the word to – by 2: Got2Be, 4U;
  • abbreviations. Abbreviation – an abbreviation of words by the first letters. We recommend using this method to inspire new memorable nicknames. Suddenly, your name is Oksana Pavlovna Fedorova, and in short – just FOP;
  • objects, names, or sounds. Another good option is to use some sound characteristics of you in your nickname. For example boom, clap or buzzle.

Why is it important to choose the right nickname

nickname for Instagram

If you have a question on how to subscribe on a social network, it means that you regard your page not just as a personal diary of memories, but as a platform for communication, business, creativity, and much more. In fact, nickname plays an important role in shaping your image or in the positioning of a product that you sell.

It is also worth remembering that your name is indexed by the search engine, therefore, by putting the keyword of your target audience in the “name” line, you will get more followers and more chances for promotion.

Just don’t turn your nickname into a string with a selection of the semantic core. As it is not necessary when creating it, use all 30 characters allocated by Instagram for this purpose. Better to keep your name short, but tenacious, accurate, eye-catching, and reflective of your character.

If the selected nickname is already in use, you can modify it and try to borrow it again. Permutation of one letter, adding, or changing a number usually helps. But even minimal changes can lead to a loss of creativity.

And finally, we want to once again focus your attention on the fact: a safe nickname should not contain too much personal information. Age, place of residence, date of birth, and further down the list – it won’t take long to become a tidbit for burglars.

As you can see, coming up with a nice nickname is much easier than you think. The main thing is not to forget about the context, purpose, and correspondence of the account to the chosen image. Also, be forward-thinking and immediately calculate in which direction you could develop further. This will allow you to expand the scope of your profile in the future, without making you hostage to a narrow topic due to a nickname.

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