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  • 2020 06 04

Is it Social media Marketing, Is it SEO, SEM, or Web 2.0! Have traditional marketing tactics like building an email list, google adwords and keyword optimization fallen second to relationship building and follower counts in social networks? Chris Brogan and Julien Smith are coming out with a new book called Trust Agents, David Meerman Scott says we need to create a World Wide Rave, and it seems like community is the buzzword of the year!

While I believe whole heartedly in the power of relationships, trust and networking I am asking YOU, my readers to help show us the light.

Get Rich on Twitter

Seems I am getting a stupid DM like this on a multi-Daily basis. Can you really get rich using twitter? I don’t think so and I don’t think I have seen one documented case of someone that has. Does this mean that twitter is not a great tool? No, in my opinion the smart marketers just use it as a tool in the toolbox. Those telling you to drop all your eggs in the twitter basket most likely don’t have a clue.

Build me a Facebook Widget

I ask why? I have spoken with two people in the past month that have asked me the best way to create a Facebook widget for their marketing objectives. My answer was “Find someone that has been very successful at it and learn from their success” This has since prompted me to ask around a bit and do some research on companies that are just raking it in due to their involvement in facebook and I haven’t found a single instance! Now maybe I am looking in the wrong places, please prove me wrong and show me a Facebook app or widget that helped a company put dollars back into the bottom line.

It’s all about the Follow

I remember back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when I owned a gym and fitness facility. (Didn’t know that did ya?) The only way to converse with people on the web in real time was through AOL chat rooms. I used to frequent the local chats adding my knowledge of fitness and health to relevant chats. People were always on the defensive and probably rightly so as I was there to attract clients. I also remember building an email list or what is known as a house list. This list was like gold and always produced new clients when I needed them. In the past few years however, I have seen such a 180 degree shift from customer lists to marketers trying to add to their follower counts in places like twitter, friendfeed and facebook. Where is this proving successful? Again, I am not saying that people are not successful in marketing themselves and their widgets in these spaces, but I am curious how others perceive this? Are people successful because they are just reaching people in a new way? Are they successful because they have built trust with a community of people? Are they successful because they have an amazing product that everyone talks about? What is the success factor for you?

Traditional vs. Social

With all of the hype in social networks over the last few years I believe that there has been a fairly large shift in time resources. People are not slaving over house lists like they used to. Companies are not giving the weight that they should be to organic search. Organizations are not leveraging newsletters but rather trying to form groups and communities online. (We’ll get to what the meaning of community is later, but if you’d like a great explanation watch this video of Chris Pirillo.)

From the perspective of ROI is this a smart thing to be doing? I know whenever I am looking for a product or service usually the first place I look is google (Organic or Paid Search). If I know someone in that specific area I may go to them as well(Social). So where should time and resources be spent in this new and ever evolving web? What types of marketers should companies be hiring? Social media Marketers or Tradition Web marketers? is there a distinction anymore and is the social web doing itself a disservice by putting a label on itself? Maybe the World Wide Web should just be called The Social Collaborative?

Over the next few weeks I am going to be exploring many of the questions posed above. I will talk with traditional web marketers as well as Social Media Marketers. I am suspecting that we will learn that there is very little distinction between the two and that the best in the field use all of the tools at their disposal. So please, leave any comment you have below and stay tuned in (Subscribe) for tons of great content over the next three weeks!

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