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  • 2020 05 06

The loudest and most frequent twittering is in the USA: The Americans make up almost a quarter of all active Twitter users.

The loudest and most frequent twittering is in the USA: The Americans make up almost a quarter of all active Twitter users, as a study by PeerReach showed last week. Japan followed in second place with 9.3%, followed by Indonesia with 6.5% and the UK with 5.6%. Germany is (still!) Among the other 26.6%. With this blog post we would like to emphasize the “still!” And have compiled 9 reasons why it is worth tweeting.

But first, a quick look at the infographic (source: Statista) with the current figures on Twitter usage:

After Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet with the content “just setting up my twttr.” In 2006, the microblogging service developed rapidly – right up to the recent boom on the stock exchange.

But why do we like to tweet our fingers so sore? Here are 9 reasons why it is worthwhile for individuals and companies to tweet:

Trendsetter: Always be well informed

Twitter is THE real-time medium par excellence. When something new happens, you can find it out on Twitter almost faster than on the radio. The best thing about it: Since Twitterers have to limit themselves to 140 characters, you can get a lot of news quickly and concisely at a glance. Ok, sometimes the complete timeline turns around the same hashtag or the same topic, but the different perspectives on the news are usually very exciting.

A little tip for newcomers to Twitter: With the trending topics , you won’t miss a trend and can even restrict the most discussed topics to your own location:

Being there is everything!

Twitter is a bit like a company’s much sought-after smoking room. Even non-smokers can be found here, just so that they do not miss any important information. In a manageable circle, news is exchanged, topics are discussed, praised and criticized. Ok, the circle in which discussions take place on Twitter is much larger and more international. But also here applies: Who does not participate misses something in one or the other place. And it’s better for your health too 🙂

Networking: communication, contacts, cooperations

It is no longer news that social media has completely changed the way we communicate. But I’m always amazed at how wonderful networking on Twitter works and how quickly and easily you get to know other people just because you use the same hashtag. In no time you are in conversation with great contacts from the timeline or with as yet unknown people from a special “hashtag community” and exchange ideas.

In addition to making contacts, information is of course also passed on and knowledge conveyed in real time on Twitter (e.g. via #servicetweet ). And #followerpower even answers questions and solves problems in the crowdsourcing sense.

Find “TV fans” by second screen

The second screen continues its triumphal march. More and more television stations are showing a hashtag during broadcasts and the use by the Twitter community is already enormous. For the Eurovision Song Contest alone this year there were over 161,000 German-language tweets on the day of the event.

Lonely times in front of the TV are history! Even if the man escaped from the living room at the finale of Germany’s Next Topmodel and the girlfriends don’t have time – thanks to Twitter there are still enough people who cheer and with whom you can talk wonderfully about the color of the clothes.

It is also perfect for advertisers, because how can you advertise your products better than through active community management during suitable programs? Twitter’s attention does not decrease, but rather increases – on another channel.

Twitter Wall of Fame

Who doesn’t want to be famous even in his life? Twitter walls at events do not offer the “15 minutes of fame” shaped by Warhol, but they come quite close to that. With just 140 characters and one click, you can project your own thoughts on the lecturer, the buffet of the event or the ticket queue on the wall and let everyone participate. At some events, content from the Twitter stream is even included in the question and answer session after lectures.

And if you tweet a lot, you even have the chance of a top ranking in the author statistics of Brandwatch :).

Have you heard? – Spread news

Twitter is a very important channel for companies to spread their own messages. A recent report on the use of brands by Twitter by our UK brand watch colleagues showed that 1/3 of the brands examined use Twitter for communication. And almost 2/3 of all brands examined even maintain several Twitter accounts, for example to spread target group-specific messages in the areas of PR, customer service or marketing.

In Germany, too, more and more companies are using Twitter to point out innovations to journalists, opinion leaders and their community – or to provide customer service, although we would already be at point 7.

Always there for you! – Twitter customer service

While the well-known service number on the trains of England has long been replaced by a Twitter handle, we in Germany are also well on the way there. Customer service via Twitter – fast, time-saving and again compact in 140 characters. The German Telekom and the German railway go with her Twitter service lead by example, many other brands move.

A big advantage for the customer: by publicly expressing their concern or resentment and thus being “somewhere on the net”, most brands respond very quickly and in a solution-oriented manner. Therefore, a small tip on the side: If it does not work with the hotline, a tweet could be worth a try.

How about us? – Social selling

The more tweeted, the more “potential leads” can of course also be found on Twitter. For example, there are those who want to change their cell phone contract and ask for recommendations; People who need a tip for a vacation trip or those who want to change their insurance. With targeted community management, you can get into discussions, inquire about needs and certainly also win one or two prospective customers for your own brand.

Here is an example of how an independent insurance advisor could use Brandwatch and HootSuite to monitor the relevant topic stream and position itself as a thought leader:

“If you ask me …” – Spread your own thoughts

Twitter is a wonderful medium for simply giving your thoughts and opinions free rein. At best, they are heard, answered in the affirmative or eagerly discussed. At the same time, thanks to the limitation to 140 characters, you practice to be brief and to concentrate on the essentials. And you can tweet as much as you want. Of course, you shouldn’t comment on every coffee or tea you drink, because at some point your own followers will have enough of it. But that’s also the nice thing about Twitter – it’s up to you.

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